Members Benefits


As one of the founding members of the World Franchise Council (WFC) and a member of the Asia Pacific Franchise Confederation (APFC). Being able to utilize FLA Singapore's logo on members' name cards and other collaterals is a stamp of recognition about the quality of the franchise company.

FLA Singapore has a close relationship with International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore) and  SPRING Singapore. These government agencies support FLA programs such as our overseas tradeshows and business matching and our yearly trade show, FLAsia.


Attain greater regional and international exposure through participation at various overseas exhibitions, expositions and trade missions. These activities take place under the Singapore pavilion at exhibitions, trade shows and franchise recruitment seminars while business matching are one to one meetings. Both of these programs are supported by IE Singapore.


To develop the core competencies of franchisors and master franchisees in Singapore, FLA Singapore taps on education programmes and courses from well established national franchise associations. We also conduct our own workshop called the Fundamentals of Franchise Management workshop (FFM). Conducted several times a year, FFM is our flagship workshop where we instil the knowledge and skills needed to franchise your business. Members of FLA get a priority and discount for all our education programmes, workshops and seminars but, rest assured that these programs are open to everyone so check out our calendar to ensure that you don't miss out.


FLA Singapore receives multiple daily enquiries about franchising and licensing and our website holds the #1 spot on Google. Members enjoy the benefit of having their brand, logo and company listed on our directory which allows them to show potential franchisees that they are actively franchising.
We also distribute a newsletter which allows members to advertise or have stories featured and a complimentary issue of the quarterly published magazine, "Asia Franchise & Business Opportunities". 


Our educational programs and social events serve as platforms for information and ideas exchange. We hold regular networking events throughout the year where we invite our members, executive committee and veteran franchisors to attend making it a great opportunity for participants.


FLA Singapore and the WIPO Center have established a collaboration to raise awareness of ADR options to court litigations available to stakeholders in the franchising and licensing areas. FLA Singapore members enjoy special rates when using the WIPO Center dispute resolution services.
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FLA members will also enjoy special rates on our marketing packages (i.e banners, EDMs)
For more information, kindly contact the FLA Secretariat Office at +65 6333 0292 or 


Members receive FLA Member Logo (dated) to be placed and displayed in their store front or HQ 
* Members are required to use the logo by adhering to the CI guidelines here


Members receive FLA Membership Certification (dated) to be placed and displayed in their store front or HQ
* Members may request additional certificates from the secretariat