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    Industry: Food & Beverage

    Description: ABR Holdings Limited (“ABR”) began as the owner and operator of the first full-service Swensen’s ice cream restaurant in Singapore back in 1979. The Swensen’s brand, with over 20 restaurants in Singapore, remains one of the market leaders in the western casual dining category and one of the preferred choices in good value family dining.

    Beyond Swensen’s, ABR also manage a portfolio of well-known food and beverage companies and brands. These include Season Confectionary & Bakery, Season’s Café, Gloria Jean's Coffees, Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill, Yogen Fruz, Tip Top Curry Puff and Oishi Pizza.

    Website: www.abr.com.sg/
    Industry: Others

    Description: It is more sustainable and has a smaller carbon footprint than the cutting down of trees.

    Also, we avoid the bleaching process where harmful gases are emitted to the atmosphere. As such, we are able to eliminate the extensive use of plastic.

    Many have acknowledged that unbleached bamboo is the resource of the future and Alps Group agrees.

    Website: https://cloversoft.com.sg; www.cloversoftandco.com
    Industry: Consultancy Services

    Description: Whether your dream is to grow your revenue or market share, take flight overseas or to see your brand known all over the world, Altiply services will take you one step closer to the fulfillment of your dream.

    Altiply is a strategic business consultancy dedicated to helping businesses grow. Altiply adopt a focused approach in taking clients to the next level by capitalizing on their intellectual assets. Through Altiply’s unique M3 Growth Model, Altiply consultants go in-depth to engage businesses at each level to Map and Manage their intellectual assets and ultimately, to Multiply their business.

    Altiply Consulting is a subsidiary of Louken Group. Since 2000, Altiply has served as trusted advisors to diverse industries such as retail, food and beverage, education, wellness, services and technology companies, as well as

    Website: http://www.altiply.com/
    Industry: Education

    Description: Arts Kidz was conceived in 2008 by Director and founder Ms Christina Koh. Concerned by the number of young children who were involved in countless enrichment programmes after school hours, Christina’s vision was for a school offering a well-rounded educational experience for children while still maintaining the beauty, time and freedom of childhood. She therefore decided to bring the “enrichment” into the classroom!

    Equipped with a Bachelors degree in Early Childhood from Melbourne University (Australia) as well as a Diploma in Early Childhood from Singapore’s own National Institute of Education, Christina’s career has taken many exciting twists and turns, offering her invaluable opportunities and experience.

    Her many years as a classroom teacher formed the foundation for Christina’s career journey. Her roles have included Principal, Mandarin Curriculum Director and Business Development Director and have most notably involved extensive staff training as well as the planning and opening of new pre-schools around the South-East Asia region.

    Christina’s concept for Arts Kidz quickly struck a chord with the community around her, and what was once an idea has grown into a thriving reality – a place where children from around the world can come together to grow and learn within a nurturing and creative environment.

    Website: http://www.artskidz.com.sg/
    Industry: Consultancy Services

    Description: Asia Franchise Networks was conceived to provide franchise business solutions and opportunities for international franchisors and entrepreneurs in Asia.
    Our Vision: The premier facilitator for franchise networks growth in Asia.
    Our Mission: To develop a community of Franchisepreneurs, to grow by leveraging on franchise systems, creating a dynamic Franchise Networks in Asia, that drives Small and Medium Enterprises as the engine of growth for Asia’s economy.
    Asia Franchise Networks (AFN) provides franchise business training and consulting services to:
    i) Educate and mentor franchisepreneurs in Asia to evaluate, identify, investigate, own, develop and launch franchise businesses in their respective markets.
    ii) Enable established franchisors to expand their network into Asia by identifying the right franchisee candidates, providing them with consultation, development and support services for the successful and cost effective launch of their franchise operation in Asia.

    Website: www.asiafranchise.net
    Industry: Consultancy Services

    Description: Asiawide Franchise Consultants is a brand established to distinguish the company as the franchising expert for the booming economies in Asia. Many Strategic Alliance Partners (click to view who they are) in various parts of the world have been signed up so as to help Asiawide Franchise Consultants clients globalize their business.

    All inquiries are welcome. Asiawide Franchise Consultants will tailor the fees according to clients' budget and needs. Asiawide Franchise Consultants can produce the reports in English, Chinese, Malay or Thai, per the client's requirement.

    Website: www.asiawidefranchise.com.sg
    Industry: Food & Beverage

    Description: Carl's Jr.® has long been known as the place to go for juicy, premium quality charbroiled burgers in the western United States. Today, there are 1,101 Carl's Jr. restaurants operating in 12 US states and 5 foreign countries. When it comes to quality and a variety of great tasting food, Carl's Jr. is second to none.
    With a hip, vibrant attitude, Carl's Jr. is well known for bringing innovative ideas to the Quick Service Restaurant industry. Carl's Jr. were the first to charbroil over an open flame, which sears the juices and flavor into Carl's Jr. great tasting burgers and chicken sandwiches. With unique signature menu items like the Western Bacon Cheeseburger®, The Six Dollar Burger™ and the Sante Fe Chicken™ Sandwich, Carl's Jr. has built a reputation for having great tasting food that guests crave. Hamburgers and sandwiches are made fresh to order, so they are always hot and juicy. In addition to the best tasting burgers in the business, Carl's Jr. also features unique breakfast offerings like the Breakfast Burger™ and the Sunrise Croissant™. All-You-Can-Drink beverage bars and partial table service help provide guests with a fast and enjoyable experience.

    Website: http://www.carlsjr.com.sg/live/
    Industry: Food & Beverage

    Description: Astons is a classic American steak house with the best quality and high value for money approach. This creates good volume business with excellent returns. Most popular steak house chain in Singapore!

    Website: www.astons.com.sg
    Industry: Consultancy Services

    Description: Established in 2005, Astreem is a consultancy firm that specializes in helping internationalise brands through customised growth Strategies including Franchise Development, Business Matching, Branding and Business excellence automation.
    Astreem house an unrivalled team of expert strategists and specialists who work as part of the client’s team to create realistic and customized growth strategies to reach their business potential.

    Through Astreem executional expertise and insights, Astreem has gained a proven track record of creating and sustaining a competitive advantage and delivering measurable results. This ensures that Astreem clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more capable Franchise organizations, and secure lasting results.

    Website: www.astreem.com
    Industry: Automotive/Aerospace

    Description: Established in 2002, Autosaver started out as a general car service and repair workshop. Due to intense competition and dynamism of the automotive industry, mindset changes were essential to bring about a new workshop image for the future. Auto Saver did exactly all these and emerge a success with unanimous support from the NISSAN and TOYOTA motor clubs in Singapore. In 2007, Auto Saver became the only independent operator to franchise its workshop model in Bangladesh, its first international franchisee. Following that, Auto Saver was selected as a finalist in the Promising Franchisor award in 2007. Riding on the renewed interest in the industry, Auto Saver embarks on its direction to grow regionally and globally.

    Website: www.autosaver.com.sg
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