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Kumon Asia & Oceania Pte Ltd

Country of Origin: Japan

Industry: Education

Description: The Kumon Method that began from a father’s love for his child is now available in 48 countries and regions with 4.26 million subject enrolments (as of June 2013). The Kumon Method has remained consistent for over 50 years and has been accepted in many countries despite differences in lifestyle, educational system, and culture. It is our dream to contribute to world peace through education.


Contact No.: 6232 5855

Address: 30 Cecil Street, #29-01 Prudential Tower 049712

Brand: Kumon Franchise Status: Master Franchisee

Country of Origin: Japan

Description: The Kumon Method is an individualised learning method. The starting point for each Kumon student is determined individually. Students start with the level where they can attain a perfect score by studying on their own.
The worksheets have been designed in a way that allows students to figure out how to solve problems on their own. If students continue to study at their own pace, they will catch up with their school grade level and eventually advance far beyond it.