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Cheers Holdings (2004) Pte Ltd

Country of Origin: Singapore

Industry: Retail

Description: Cheers, a home grown 24-hour convenience store, caters to a diverse group of customers from different walks of life including the young and trendy, students and working professionals who lead active and busy lifestyles. Officially launched in 1998, Cheers has since expanded to over 120 outlets situated across Singapore at convenient locations. An advocate of sports in Singapore as well, Cheers has supported various sporting initiatives such as the Cheers Badminton Series and the Cheers Zero Limits Expedition 2006. It also took the lead in rallying support from the community for Singapore's bid to host the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. In August 2010, Cheers supported Singapore young athletes in their quest for excellence at the Youth Olympic Games.

Cheers meet the needs of a large variety of customers from all over Singapore with students and working adults forming their core customer base. Cheers target this group of shoppers because they lead active and busy lifestyles, so they value convenience more than anybody else. And as they are always keeping abreast of the latest trends, they are also more receptive to new products and services.

Cheers is always on the lookout for new and innovative products and services to cater to the varying needs of their customers. After all, it is Cheers mission to bring convenience, greater variety and better value to their customers.


Contact No.: (+65) 6888 1888

Address: No 1 Joo Koon Circle #13-01 629117

Brand: Cheers Franchise Status: Franchisor

Country of Origin: Singapore