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Daekyo Eye Level Singapore Pte Ltd

Country of Origin: South Korea

Industry: Education

Description: Since its foundation in 1976, Daekyo, the leader of Korean education industry has established a new era in the childhood education with their unique education philosophy. Daekyo continuously strive to become a global education service leader by developing new educational services to create a lifelong education system, and creating an excellent educational environment that effectively combines on- and offline resources.

An advanced country with a strong foundation for its national educational system has more competitive edge in a knowledge-based information society. Daekyo promise to help create a better quality of life for children and contribute to making the society richer and more fulfilling.

Daekyo foresees high growth potential in the overseas markets thanks to the continued consumer demand for education and the availability of advanced education delivery systems. Daekyo Eye Level Singapore Pte Ltd strives to provide educational opportunities for more people to improve their quality of life and concentrates its energy, specialising in various educational fields such as children education, e-education, and educational institutes. Daekyo promise to make a contribution to building a knowledge-based society that will result in making the society a richer one through the application of excellent educational contents study methods, and quality education services.


Contact No.: (65) 6397 6117

Address: 114 Lavender Street, #07-70 CT Hub 338729

Brand: Daekyo Eye Level Franchise Status: Franchisor

Country of Origin: Singapore

Description: Eye Level is a systematic, individualized program that caters to students of all abilities utilizing a unique and proven learning method. This allows each child to have a customized starting point depending on their ability, regardless of his/her age and/or school grade. Each child's study progression will depend on the student's pace of learning.