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idigitalsky Pte Ltd

Country of Origin: Singapore

Industry: Education

Description: Founded by passionate and experienced technopreneurs, idigitalsky is focused on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) Education.

Our mission is to help children, students, schools and institute of education to develop future proof skillsets amongst the younger generations by cultivating relevant and sustainable skillsets to meet the needs of the ever changing landscape of the world. Inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skillsets STEAM delivered via digital platform.


Contact No.: +65 8811 1893

Address: 6 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Tower 4, #09-05, Singapore 038986

Brand: KooBits®ProblemSums™ Franchise Status:

Country of Origin:

Description: KooBits ® ProblemSums™ is Singapore No.1 Mathematics Digital platform.

1 in 2 primary schools students are using KooBits®ProblemSums™ to complement their teaching and learning journey.

More than 80,000 primary schools students are using KooBits®ProblemSums™ to improve their mathematics.

More than 50,000 parents trust us with their children’s education.

Singapore Mathematics pedagogy key focused areas are on building problem-solving skills and an in-depth understanding of essential mathematics skills. KooBits® ProblemSums™ provide a unique experience for that and is suitable for every Mathematics teacher and student 24x7x365.

Singapore Math, Mastery Method, Modelling Method, Mathematics by Inquiry, Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach. Many names, many concepts – but they are all the same i.e. Singapore Mathematics pedagogy. Singapore Mathematics is now gaining popularity and rapidly expanding internationally.

KooBits®ProblemSums™ is your digital gateway to Singapore Mathematics.