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ShineWing LLP

Country of Origin: Singapore

Industry: Consultancy

Description: ShineWing provide a full range of assurance, business advisory, corporate finance, tax, private clients and wealth management services. And we deliver them with a strategic focus and commercial approach. From audit, assurance and cyber risk management, right through to tax, corporate advisory and wealth management, we provide all the services any business needs to be certain about its past performance and confident about its future. And with access to a unique Asian and international network, we can deliver these services seamlessly in Australia and across the world.

ShineWing provides audit service and review financial reporting and disclosure statements in relation to the client’s business transactions as stipulated by statutory requirements. Our experience does not limit to commercial enterprises and public companies, we have served also non-profit and charitable organizations for their financial requirements.

With the breadth of knowledge and expertise across industries and sectors, ShineWing provides audit services to a wide range of clients worldwide. By informing you the up-to-date standards of regulatory institutions and technological challenges, we help to identify and manage risks in order to sustain a high-performance business in today’s fast changing commercial environment. We strive to develop a global service network to ensure high quality audit services tailored to the diversified needs of the multi-national clients.

International Audit Approach
ShineWing adopts a consistent and high quality methodology to provide a risk-based service integrating risk assessment with systematic audit processes and robust audit tools. This quality-oriented methodology enables us to provide a constructive and strategic audit to you. Additionally, we strictly adhere to the international auditing standards, delivering independent and ethical performance, while applying technical excellence.


Contact No.: 63365588

Address: 238A Thomson Road #25-07/08 Novena Square Tower A 307684