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Mayson Bakery Pte Ltd

Country of Origin: Singapore

Industry: Food & Beverage

Description: Mayson Bakery have been around for about 20 years from a neighborhood bakery to a supplier of confectionery products to having our own central kitchen to supply to institutions, hotels, ship chandlers and supermarkets. We also have our own bakery retail outlets under the brand Mayson Bakery.
In December 2016, we decided to branch out into a new cafe concept that pairs our egg tarts and pastries with local coffee at a new outlet at Esplanade Exchange. The new concept proved to be a huge success, and we decided to create a new brand by the retail name of "Kopi & Tarts".
Since then, we have opened 4 new outlets under the new brand "Kopi & Tarts" in 2017 and we are looking at expanding this brand across the island as well as overseas. Franchising this brand is something we hope would be able to help us expand the brand more quickly.


Contact No.: 62665280

Address: No 7 Tuas Bay Walk 637756

Brand: Kopi & Tarts Franchise Status:

Country of Origin:

Description: The core products at Kopi & Tarts is our range of egg tarts such as our original egg tart, cheese egg tart, blueberry egg tarts etc and also our pastries such as chicken pie, chicken curry puff, tuna puff and apple raisin turnover. We also have several staple items that are HK inspired such as buttered toasts with different type of eggs and also HK inspired noodles with soy braised chicken and chicken luncheon meat with egg.
The beverage which we offer is traditional Nanyang local coffee and tea and also several homemade cold beverages such as iced gula melaka tea and iced honey lemon etc.

Brand Mission
Our Mission is for "Kopi & Tarts" to grow and be recognized as a leading local coffee chain not just in Singapore but also the world that provides freshly brewed coffee and freshly baked pastries that are of high quality and are also affordable to our customers.
Brand Values
Our brand values are to be a customer-centric business, where we continuously assess customers' requirements and cater to them. We strive for excellence in customer service, product quality and integrity in our business. These are achieved with our close-knitted team of individuals who will oversee various aspects of the business and work hand-in-hand to achieve our objective.