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Ji Guang Holding Co. Ltd

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Industry: Food & Beverage

Description: J&G Fried Chicken® is the most popular brand of Taiwanese fried gourmets and well established for over 43 years. J&G delicacy made on freshly deep fried and everything is prepared on order, right before your eyes with the open kitchen to show consumers our cooking procedure and the fresh food material. We serve wide range of chicken products as tasty popcorn chickens, crispy chicken cutlets, very juicy chicken drumettes, finger-sucking chicken wings, and diced chicken drumsticks. We also offer deep fired king oyster mushroom, crispy squid, onion rings, French fries, tempura, seasoning salads, and refresh beverages. Now we have business partners in Mainland China, Malaysia, India, Macau, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Canada and you are very welcome to join us.


Contact No.: (+8864) 23958081

Address: No.62 Xinguang Road, Taiping District, Taichung City 411 41157

Brand: J&G Fried Chicken Franchise Status: Franchisor

Country of Origin: Taiwan

Description: J&G Fried Chicken® is the leading brand of Taiwanese deep fried gourmets and well established for over 43 years. The brand, the foods and the service are well satisfied with consumers in global market. We try to deliver the legendary flavor to share with people of different regions. Write to contact with us via e-mail: for more information of franchise business, we are happy that you get interest in operating the Taiwanese gourmets, and appreciate for your assistance to deliver the delicacy all over the world.