Fundamentals of Franchise Management



The Fundamentals of Franchise Management (FFM) is FLA Singapore's flagship workshop that we conduct several times a year. FFM was designed and brought into existence with the purpose of helping and guiding businesses in their franchising needs along with local and international expansion.

FFM will introduce participants to multidisciplinary areas involved in the franchising practice. Utilizing lectures, case studies and assignments, FFM will provide you with the necessary theory, practical examples, ideas and background information to embark on your franchising journey.


(order of sessions may vary)

Day 1

 Session 1 – Understanding the Franchise Business

·       Franchise relationship

·       Spectrum of marketing channels

·       Franchise models and structures

·       Advantages and disadvantages of franchising

·       Keys to franchise success

·       Steps in franchise development

·       Licensing vs. franchising

·       Case studies

 Session 2 – Legal and Commercial Framework of Franchising

·       Franchise framework and relationship

·       Franchise agreement

·       International franchising

·       Trademark Protection

Day 2:

 Session 3 – Franchise Manuals and Franchise Marketing

·       Importance of a manual

·       Typical contents of a manual

·       Writing a manual

·       Platforms for marketing the franchise

·       Franchise marketing package

·       Franchise recruitment process

·       Franchisee evaluation checklist

 Session 4 – The Financial Considerations in Franchising

·       Overview of revenue streams and costs for a franchisor and franchisee

·       Pricing a franchise

·       Financial projections

·       Other financial considerations

·       Financing options for franchising


The trainers and lecturers of the course are experienced individuals who held senior positions at CapitaLand, IPOS (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore) and International Enterprise (IE Singapore). They have also been certified under the Singapore Government’s Practicing Management Consultants Scheme and are graduates of the Intellectual Property Law course offered by NUS and IP Academy Singapore. Last but not least, our trainers also have personal experience in franchising their own businesses and will be passing on valuable and hard won knowledge to participants.


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$650 for non-FLA members

$550 for FLA members

$588 for RAS / SCCCI / TAFF members

$150 for full-time students (verification required)


12 & 13 July 2018


To be confirmed.
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There will be no refund for no-show registrants. Any postponement requests should be communicated in writing to FLA within 7 days before the date of the event. Beyond that, a 10% admin charge would be forfeited from the course fee.