Essentials of Franchise Management (EFM) Course

The Fundamentals of Franchise Management (FFM) Course is now upsized and renamed as Essentials of Franchise Management (EFM) Course!
Re-packaged into a 3-day course, EFM is aligned to the SkillsFuture SG's Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) framework. This Course was designed with the purpose to help and guide businesses in their franchising needs along with local and international expansion. It provides foundation knowledge for companies or individuals looking at entering the franchising industry.
Besides including content to address today's franchise challenges, learning activities and case studies have also been planned into the course to ensure attendees get to put into practice what they have learnt and be informed of the most updated trends and regulations. 
(order of sessions may vary)

Session 1 - Understanding the Franchise Business

·       FBETM Framework

·       Spectrum of Marketing Channels

·       Keys to Franchise Success

·       Licensing vs Franchising

·       Franchise Relationship

·       Franchise Models & Structures

·       Advantages & Disadvantages of Franchising

·       Steps in Franchise Development

Session 2 – The Financial Considerations, Legal and Commercial Framework of Franchising

·       Overview of Revenue Streams & Costs for a Franchisor & Franchisee

·       Pricing a Franchise

·       Financial Projections

·       Other Financial Considerations

·       Financing Options for Franchising

·       Franchise Framework & Relationship

·       Franchise Agreement

·       International Franchising

·       Legal Regulations and Code of Conduct

Session 3 - Franchise Manuals: Setup & Operations

·       Introduction to Franchise Manuals

·       Importance of a Manual

·       Typical Contents of a Manual & SOPs

·       Writing a Manual

Session 4 - IP Protection and Franchise Audit Framework

·       IP & Trademark Protection

·       Introduction & Audit Stages

·       Audit Types & Methods

·       Typical Contents of an Audit Checklist

Session 5 - Franchise Management: Resolving Conflicts, Providing Assistance and Recommendations

·       Franchise Stages

·       Common Areas of Conflict & Other Pitfalls

·       Providing Assistance & Recommendations

·       Franchise Relationship Management

Session 6 - Franchise Marketing & Franchise Recruitment

·       Platforms for Marketing the Franchise

·       Franchise Marketing Package

·       Franchise Recruitment Process

·       Franchisee Evaluation Checklist

23 – 25 Jan 2019
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